Different ink types used by inkjet printers

Using quality ink for your digital printing machine is essential if at all you want to get quality work. There are many printers found in the market, and each printer uses a particular type of ink. You can also easily find cheap ink cartridges in many printing stores.

The inks used in inkjet printers have low viscosity and made of small fine particles that can pass through the nozzle of the printer. The particles can either be aqueous ink formulas or water-based, and they have different drying rates upon coming into contact with the surface on which it is printed. Below is a list of types of inkjet inks that you can use.


Dye-based ink is a cheap printer ink compared to other types of ink. The dye-based ink is best for printing standard documents, photographs, business reports and invitation cards. It is important to note that most of the inkjet printers come with a dye-based ink; hence you don’t have to worry about getting one for the first time. The most important feature of this ink is that it can produce pictures and documents with good quality vivid colors. On the negative side, dye-based inks fade over time when exposed to sunlight.

Pigment-based ink

It is important to understand that pigment-based ink is quite expensive compared to other inks because of its desirable properties. The ink can last up to 200 years on the print without fading when it used on particular types of paper. The long-lasting property makes it ideal for printing archival documents and photos. It has a higher resistance to sunlight and moisture compared to a dye-based ink.

Solvent ink

The solvent type of ink is suitable for use in homes and offices. It is also used to create graphics for vehicles, banners, and billboards because it has waterproof properties, is durable and does not fade quickly. However, the ink produces harmful fumes which makes it necessary to use specialized ventilation when working with it.