How to properly maintain your welding helmet

Welding normally takes place in rough conditions and that is why it is important to put on a welding helmet while working. It is vital to properly maintain your type of welding helmet if you want to get maximum protection from it. The different types of helmets provide different levels of protection. You will notice that these welding helmets are rated differently and they therefore require different attention. This article will highlight for you some of the ways through which you can maintain your welding helmet.

Clean the lens after every use

The most important part to clean is the lens. You should clean it after every use so that it does not fog after getting into contact with the fumes produced during the cutting of the metals. Removing dust and other particles will also prevent corrosion and even rusting. It is vital to exercise great caution when cleaning the lens so that you do not cause damage to it.

Keep the respirator in good condition

You should always ensure that the respirator is free from dust and other foreign particles. This will help to keep you in good health conditions while working. You should make sure that the respirator filters are in good condition so that they do not allow particles to pass through them. It is important to replace the filters regularly. Avoid cleaning the filters using compressed air because it forms holes on the filters.

Examine other parts of your helmet regularly

You should check for cracks and other damages on the different parts of your helmet. Ensure that you immediately repair or replace the damaged parts to prevent accidents while using the helmet.

Clean the battery area

You should also regularly clean the battery section if you are using the auto darkening welding helmet. Ensure that you remove the batteries before cleaning this area. You should replace old batteries with new ones so that you are not faced with power problems while working.